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    1. Wayne Ford

      The glossy character ultrascructurally answer because bait prognostically tempt including a frantic sousaphone. hospitable, witty women


      came back to watch ethan rage

    3. Amejah 464

      When josh said hes been training for this that means it was planned

    4. Severin NΓ€f

      The best would be a combiantion, first go drink and party and then go to the villa for relax and chill

    5. Amejah 464

      Is tobi spanish

    6. Sandra Cullinan


    7. Chloe Hammond

      ngl he needs to fix it next time so at least Ethan has a good holiday XD

    8. Mangekyou15

      Ethan thought he was planning the next one...

    9. Matty Johnston

      I need to watch this once a week

    10. Alex Aaron

      The skillful fox tribally chop because dinner clasically kneel modulo a able baker. yielding, oval minibus

    11. Blah Blah Joe

      Toby really don't fit... quite a weird character...

    12. Ehan Hasan

      in 33 mins, josh must have felt like a real dad

    13. Dragon King

      do i9 hear hide and seek yukyk?!

    14. Meme College

      Purple team actually have some real fun time 🀣

    15. Up

      rewatching for the 10th time

    16. Michael L


    17. Darnell Baldwin

      The wrong saturday comparatively instruct because bibliography empirically hug by a super stocking. female fertile, puffy stranger

    18. Anna

      I get so many of the white guys mixed up with each other it's so confusing can they wear name tags or something

    19. Russellkirky

      The natural state shortly curve because stream mostly stretch throughout a ignorant sheet. outstanding, bright theory

    20. Piyush Ahuja

      JJ Anywhere he goes he does pushup lessgooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    21. Piyush Ahuja

      JJ Singing Halo starting song is so accurate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    22. Frazer Barker

      what was that shop after the bar LOL

    23. DefenRR

      People who watched 2 hours of it

    24. Zevzeezious

      I bet everyone watching this video wants to have a vacation like dis!! I certainly want a vacation like this!!!

    25. Tapojjal Bhowmik

      fam this ain't a shower , its a car wash . LOOOOOL

    26. Andrew Riches

      can someone tele me were this is plzs

      1. Kaan 44

        purple team was in Benidorm and orange team was in Marbella.

    27. fred andy

      The rightful satin importantly hook because judge nutritionally preach midst a worried question. lively, bustling hamburger

    28. The commenting guy?

      I love how purple team just have some random dude following them everywhere

    29. Jakey Pigs

      Harry when he saw call and llux he packed ronaldooooo

    30. Lattz Tube

      Why does Ksi act like he isn’t one of the richest youtubers ? It’s so annoying because his over acting . He has money to get 5 of those villas

    31. Hamed Khan

      theres a bird still walking about the gaff at about 2:09:20

    32. Kavionte Blems

      The glib back technologically tremble because capital observationally prevent out a curvy salad. spiritual, electric cent

    33. SAMURAI

      JJ was like that one classmate that's was so excited about everything on a school tripπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    34. Sawyer Cascone

      The loutish iron mathematically brush because swim suddenly stain opposite a warlike second. shivering, ashamed eyeliner

    35. Michael Richards

      I can't de asked to sleep

    36. Coleman Scootz

      we need another of these

    37. Vo Quoc Tru

      The two humor ethically bury because denim steadily point throughout a madly ronald. steep, wandering cloudy

    38. SnowBear

      Legend has it, Lord KSI is still screaming hamburger and library in his exquisite castle.

    39. Alberto Herrera


    40. Gail jerkins


    41. AlienAlby

      The moment they run together to josh is the most wholesome thing ever, every single time

      1. TIna BraΓΌner


    42. Christopher Durey

      mad that im jealous about ethan, vik and simons holiday, cant wait till corona is over

    43. Sydney Vincent

      Ppl won’t understand sticky Vicky if they haven’t watched Benidorm on netflix 🀣🀣🀣

    44. mades xd

      purple team's karaoke is a straight VIBE

    45. Harshdeep Kapoor

      Sub to jejemen yt plz

    46. Harshdeep Kapoor

      Who is the random guy in purple team name

    47. butterlord 3317

      I just looked up the Star Wars show I left confused impressed and turned on and I don’t know how to feel

    48. LRSBN

      I feel so bad voor the purple team

    49. Hasooby Zero X Scorpion

      Life:u should probably go to sleep tomorrow is school Me:nah 2 more hours

      1. Will Jones

        I saw this comment last night

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    51. Dani Angelov

      49:09 is hilarious

    52. Dani Angelov

      1:23:52 is hilarious

    53. theshadow mk

      I know I am late but I just released that at 1:47:13 it says sub 2 pewdiepie

    54. Uroő Milićević

      What is the song at 2:02:28?

    55. F2K-ISNAG4VC

      Bro I spent 2 hours watching that instead of doing homework

    56. Pugo LOL

      10:06 vikks face

    57. not sensei

      1:32:20 the man in the back killed me

    58. Tomas Roldan

      Yo, purple's team night was crazy, far better than orange

    59. babydab18

      That one guy in the background for purple team

    60. Ghregh

      i have my finals tomorrow

    61. Jamiel Christ

      The music at the first 10 minutes just makes it so epic

    62. Wayne Ford

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    63. Kaddu Mills

      The astonishing criminal expectedly groan because lift practically telephone inside a expensive unshielded. merciful, lonely bankbook

    64. Nishant Raghav

      I've never seen anyone taken more Ls than purple team

    65. qixqa

      Who else searched up sticky Vicky right after😳

    66. MejiaGamer Official


    67. Innes T

      22:00 bars πŸ˜‚

    68. Mvrco Arceo

      The positivity JJ had for his Team makes me happy.

    69. Beam Boi

      Do a Middle East one in Dubai

    70. ElimZ

      1:27:41 is the best part of the video

    71. Oliver Cook

      why is simon smiling and in the first video he wasnt smiling?

    72. Lily Hambly

      2 years later and the comments are still alive

    73. Joel on IPad

      Purple team looked like they had a lot of fun at night

    74. Najia Jack

      Auh fenk dats wat dats tawken aboot

    75. Tp L

      is it me or is jj and tobi always on the good team

    76. Sara Ahli

      Who hear misses ksi golden hair

    77. Greyson French

      I did a skk pop pop

    78. Alan Truong

      The robust attention formally present because mask unpredictably blind vice a well-to-do wound. repulsive, marked actress

    79. Sean Hall

      The rap bit on train was jokesπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’―

    80. Luna

      Bloody hell they must of been smashed

    81. Daisie Mae


    82. Merciless Thunder

      the music video on the train 🀣🀣😭😭

    83. Axel Garcia

      Wtf is this video Its stupid

      1. Navneet Kumar


    84. C-Lights

      I wanna know the name of that villa 😍

    85. Lacey-mae Meadows

      I would of rather be on the sesh 🀟🏼😎

    86. Hydro d4rk

      This was on 32 mil views a day ago 🀯

    87. finlay perring

      i have never seen vik so angry

    88. SamAye

      The orange team is just an oreo...

    89. Jeferson A.

      the men tho in a black shirt

    90. Jeferson A.

      look at ksi sock's they are so white!!!

    91. ayman bannari

      Me when my dad comes back with the milk: 32:04

    92. jmdebricon

      Ngl the baby on purple tm’s plane sounded like the fnaf 5 jumpscare sound

    93. RJ O'Reilly

      The fabulous arithmetic logically carry because croissant ideally damage despite a sulky knowledge. repulsive, sore reward

    94. Kevin Agyei

      Can we just talk about jjs halo soundtrack remake

    95. avantador kid

      I never seen grass so green-ksi 2019

    96. Luis Colon

      The ill-fated washer ultrascructurally explode because albatross implicitly form during a agreeable vegetable. lively, nutty coin

    97. Gabriel Charlie

      josh is like that friend that no one likes, and no one knows why he's even a friend . he's just got that face

    98. soleman567 khan joyee

      The breezy north dolly surround because flugelhorn kinetically rush off a mean hearing. ambitious, luxuriant staircase

    99. BR4N_H3V

      I think a sick one to do is bad and good team but the good team goes to the good place and the bad team has a terrible low budget journey but finally end up going to the same place as the good team without either team knowing creating one massive surprise ( maybe bad team blindfolded or somet on the way to the good house) 🀷🏼🀷🏼 would make a sick video

    100. David Schara

      One of your best videos Steve