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    The Sidemen form teams to see which can burn or gain the most calories!
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    Published on 3 months ago


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    2. Ron Podrojski


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    4. Tactical Toyota

      Lux is a neek

    5. Mikeg73

      25:24 isn't that a COD map?

    6. GusBus Shmurda

      9:18 β€œhe’s trying to make us afraid of the walls” On that day, humanity received a grim reminder.

    7. Prypiat Shadow

      Anybody notice how at 37:34, that girl behind harry is checking him out. Like, damm.

    8. Moussa Kourouma

      ethan does not have a mask

    9. Querida Tess

      The cumbersome move perinatally plug because halibut aesthetically soothe at a animated mouse. mysterious, sour game

    10. ananthu krishna

      Can anyone tell me what fit band was vik wearing? 19:52

    11. JamesG

      Jj and Harry we’re finishing at the same time and jj just had a boxing match with months of training while Harry was playing Fifa and drinking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    12. John316

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    13. Jeevan Acharya

      Want kind smart Watch is that? Some one

    14. Mohanad Elsisi

      when Ethan reached 3500 jj reached 3500

    15. Trajik

      it hit 6pm as they were meeting 6pm in the vid damn

    16. champagne bambi

      Okay but Harry is so damn fine

    17. Soy sauce Man


    18. Sreenandhu Siju

      Justice for iron man

    19. Rosh Nelson

      Callum got the same energy as Charles boyle during squash πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ iykyk

    20. youi

      gonna do a all nighter watching sidemen

    21. Sceptix Ψ§

      25:56 that girl on the treadmill looking leng still.

    22. Austin Mitchell

      His Ethan and them in picadilly

    23. exos9membersrlegends

      whats the song in the bg at 6:43, i've heard it in a bunch of their vids and I really wanna know

    24. Henry MacDowell

      Vik could not cry more

    25. its Viibes

      Harry got athlete genes, kept up with JJ and he lives a sedentary lifestyle

    26. Ewan Ronald

      I haven't actually really saw a lot of Simon and Tobi like together

    27. SonnyTaylor YT

      I once had a karate competition at that squash place

    28. Erose Curroemjf

      Hi where do u get those watches from can anyone send me a link or place to get it from

    29. charlie potiwal

      ethan acts hard he's a softy

    30. thomas visser

      Jj’s form compared to Harry’s shouldn’t be this way around πŸ˜‚

      1. thomas visser

        @Diego Alvarez I know it was a joke mate

      2. Diego Alvarez

        Jj was doing heavier weights

    31. Gabriel Flay

      At the start when they are cupcakes ( this is a joke) it’s not the first time Simon had something white around his mouth #ksimon

    32. Cwr 167

      Your meant to serve inbertween the red lines in squash

    33. kolby dumanski


    34. Abhi Gadangi

      I love how they went saying I want pancakes and none get them lol

    35. Yves Mitchell

      while harry was working out in gym box i bet hes listening to bandokay

    36. John Tory

      just had to eat 75 big macs

    37. Jensen Nguyen

      people are always asking what I like, and I tell them.... a bunch of 20 year olds playing arcade games

    38. Oluwateleola Sofolahan

      Wow this is surprising Harry’s the foodie of the sidemen and this is the same harry doing all this exercise like WHAT!

    39. JoelJoestar

      I wanna be like Harry when I grow up

    40. Seed

      26:32 He likes Ethan's cut g

    41. Tater Baby

      400 meters is .2 miles

    42. Tater Baby

      I kinda wanna do this challenge

    43. Vishaly Wimal

      14:09 Goodnight by Dreamcatcher playing in the bg😌😌

    44. bo

      lol he was actually on the beat 0:00

    45. Sensation Content

      vik complains A LOTTTT a little too much like stfu

    46. B.I.G. CJ

      If I could be on a kcal video, eating side I would eat more then 20000 kcals

    47. Pulse W Keys

      I swear if Harry actually worked out like JJ everyday he could beat Logan and Jake... maybe even KSI 😳

    48. unsecured wifi

      Everyone is so happy and always laughing in this video its great

    49. unsecured wifi

      This is an underrated sidemen video

    50. Nawro

      JJ's form on deadlifts is dead

    51. Helen Pieske

      Toby is funny, very nice and wears his mask all the time also the iron man like such a great mate

    52. Hanzz P

      Harry and josh are the best at gaining calories

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    56. Dezzybearrr

      What fitness watch do they use?

    57. Matt

      9:30 "bone apple teeth"

    58. pierce romeyn

      25:44 mah lawd

    59. Jake Brayshaw

      i love the eating teams energy and how they acted in public

    60. JenCath

      Harry on the rowing machine be hitting different

    61. Harrison Hayman

      Y does Ksi think he can run a fast 5k πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1. N43U N4Z

        I mean to be fair he ran a 5K in 20-21 minutes is fast

    62. Rey Joh Nine

      Harry is low key the most fit sidemen

      1. Jake Brayshaw

        @Rey Joh Nine tobi is by a mile i would think

      2. Rey Joh Nine

        @Jake Brayshaw i was talking in terms of fitness, not strength.

      3. Jake Brayshaw

        have u seen jj when he was boxing and ethan,

    63. Tamar

      bro what was the guy with the white beard trying to do

    64. f.d _dxb

      I loved the way it cut from intense work out music to Ethan and Simon debating about a Burger King

    65. Muhammad Sa'ood Jhetam

      Harry is low-key a beast

    66. Mark Tazoe

      It would’ve been cool to see JJ, Harry, and Ethan doing the workouts

    67. Prince Froilan Nacin

      HAHAHAH 3:06

    68. xd Shrimp

      Imagine during parkour he fell lol

    69. Cai Cruz

      Harry is the MR GOOD FORM when he comes to the gym, I mean look at his form man, so inspirational

    70. Villanelle Edits

      JJ looks in pretty good shape tbh

    71. AC_Sweats

      25:45 Sorry I was not paying attention, my eyes were fixed on... something else

    72. Jamil Rahman

      Does anyone know what watches they used to track their calories burned in their sleep and through out the day etc ?

    73. Leon Ryan Adams

      47:00 jeez that rowing machine bouncing

    74. Leon Ryan Adams

      Ethan just gets angry every time he eats. Why do they always make him eat?

    75. violet __xo

      My heart melted when tobi gave Ethan the iron man he wantsd

    76. cquick 3

      Jesus Saves Love God✝️

    77. Ankan Gupt

      How is *Harry's* form better than *KSI's* ? How??

    78. Billy


    79. Billy


    80. adam mohamed

      The worst erg tech

    81. Finn Daly

      no one else notice how callux getting that mad belly button sweat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    82. Try hard billy trolling!!!

      Bro Harry would be a beast if worked out a lot

    83. Donovan Douglas

      Paul brothers takin notes of Harry and KSI

    84. Jake Pinkerton

      I would kill this I burnt over 5000 calories just doing an hour and a half weight session and going about my day like normal

    85. Trippie Aym

      idk man....for anyone who actually trains hard, Leon’s workout isn’t that bad...JJ should be working WAY harder for a boxing fight, coming from canada’s best 16 y/o 140lbs fighter

    86. Shadow Blade

      Harry's actually so dench it's ridiculous

    87. Shadow Blade

      43:15 "hold tight Jesus" XDXD

    88. Shadow Blade

      30:30 this made me laugh in huge amounts for some reason

    89. Oliver Hurdman

      That girl in the background of the gym is peng

    90. One Resonation

      45:37 why does Ethan look like my drunk grandfather

    91. Seth Porter

      The possessive daisy kinetically boil because graphic locally interrupt around a zany bridge. luxuriant, mixed violet

    92. Sakke Siltala

      Am I the only one who saw Harry drinking the Caribbean Nocco?

    93. Jayden Trejo

      Use has way for fast foods but that’s bad

    94. Jurem 1

      30:28 that’s like tha funniest part of the video

    95. Torpedo_R8

      25:49 that girl behind Leon tho 😳

    96. the gaming monkey

      Y s

    97. Musacan Yoruk

      What watch are these

    98. Emerald

      we've lost Ethan ,,PUT HIM IN A COFFIN''

    99. Ronnie Newman

      plz like this comment

    100. Kareem Hassan

      17:20 Simon knows my mood.......