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    Published on 2 years ago


    1. Yasmin Smith

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    2. Antti Syrjälä

      12:42 incorrect.

    3. Will O'Connor

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    4. teddyzen09

      Three hundred and seventy pooooounds

    5. Charlie Blue

      I don't really watch or no modern USfilm ra but this was funny

    6. isla blue


    7. GusBus Shmurda


    8. bedaiwy mohammad

      Am I the only one who always forgets who won between Tobi and Simon and rewatch this video

    9. Eskil Kindstedt

      18:40 ”Brexit Means Brexit”

    10. Thomas Newman

      This video has been out for two years I’ve just realised Stephan Tries is doing the Voiceover

    11. MrInsertName

      Can we just talk about the fact that at 0:39 the subtitles heard 'awesome' instead of 'also' and messed up 'Wakanda Forever'

      1. Colton Pozniak


    12. Santiago Restrepo


    13. Aryan Kapoor

      How they are arranged in descending order of their subscribers

    14. WilmottOntheGo

      25:48 man like jzl

    15. Kay Jay

      "Including 2016, how many leap years have there been since the end of the second World War?" WHAT THE-😭😭

    16. mido diaky


    17. Jaionna Doe

      Jj is me if i lose a game

    18. J ù a n El Rinco

      Let’s be honest... 2018 sidemen was one of the best... the studio, vibes everything,, miss it

    19. Mapalo Martin

      Josh 15:17 I died laughing

    20. 1Deag Wonder

      Wasnt jj's .5 for tobi

    21. Buba Vunga

      Brexit means brexit mate

    22. Doreen Gilbert

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    23. Red Spirit

      0:40 is a wakanda meme

    24. Bailey Sutherland

      18:40 the Harry moment

    25. Peter Mathiesen

      tobi dry

    26. Aløngjr555


    27. Mefw- Distortion

      If brexit has his way😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    28. Dakme

      KSI has knowledge on his chest

    29. Mr WizardFortress

      This was 2 years ago?

    30. Harja Talonen


    31. Seth Porter

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    32. ThePrayingGuy

      Anyone else notice that they stood from most subs to least subs

    33. Hugo Thunman

      Brexit means Brexit. I cant be asked hahaahahah

    34. Alex smith

      10.56 love how tobi isn't afraid or doesn't back down to jj like vikk

    35. Len xxthebeast

      Josh stop banking

    36. amit s

      Can’t believe this is over 2 years ago


      Ksi is not funny.

      1. Unknown

        Including yourself

    38. Anthony Gorczyca

      12:35 Harry was so confident

    39. Axel von Elern

      18:40 Harry is just Harry.

    40. Christian does MTB

      What did toby say in the intro?

    41. Kenay ylmz


    42. Yo Yo

      Stop vikk abuses

    43. Abdullah Al-Dabi

      Do WILTY

    44. Martin Dichev

      very fast

    45. Ben Mcduff

      Notice how when harry started introducing himself simon just started laughing straight away😂

    46. JPeezy

      It’s taken me forever to find a good channel to watch but sidemen is now my no.1

    47. Enjoy A Coke

      Dang 2. Years

    48. Sammy nguyen

      Vik pulls out the 12 inch shlong

    49. Fake jigyy

      Just love harry

    50. Dumb Anime Nerd

      Well looking back 7:22 , Ethan was right, although KSI won, Logan did infact drop KSi.

    51. THE SiDESET

      That was an awesome video right there! Some love for my channel would also be much appreciated as i am very new to the scene of youtube and video making in general :D Take care guys, much love!

    52. Deepa Parakkal

      Back when JJ had good hair

    53. Ethan Bradberry

      This is hands down the best Sidemen video ever created.

    54. Jayme Drugstore

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    55. Jainal Miraz

      Brexit is Brexit

    56. Lx Xotic


    57. John316

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    58. Damian Thompson

      "anosmia is a medical term for loss of which of the 5 senses" this aged ironically

    59. Richard Mc

      Can someone explain to me what brexit means brexit means i dont get it not from europe if its a europe thing

    60. John Doe

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    61. SimpliiGalaxxy

      I didnt even think that was Ethan for a moment

    62. Beethoven Invented Jazz

      3:32 JJ said it with so much confidence. 😄

    63. Olivia Turner

      Here in 2021 anyone 😅

    64. ITZ-D4NNY


    65. emily dev

      vik actually made me laugh

    66. Bryant Vasquez


    67. KayakDreams

      Came here after #2 and realizes how much these guys have changed and grown up! Wow! I didn't even recognize Bazinga!

    68. CharliePlayzYT


    69. Kwerty Kwantum

      1:04 ..... Y Simon ?

    70. TRAGIC Sightz

      I hate josh and simon

    71. Sabrina Butler

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      First animal in space was a Dog tho

    75. David F

      Ethan does bare a striking resemblance to Ann Robinson

    76. John Lee

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    77. lxkman 1

      6:37 man said pass with such confidence, as if he did something good 😂

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    79. ColorsStones

      This one was so bad, no answers given,not entertaining compared to the second one

    80. Chernobyl’s Disaster

      This is the second best sidemen video ever.

    81. Abdelli Mouhib

      came from part 2 of 2020....tobi what up with sackho head

    82. Betty Salama

      I’m mad vik got voted out .. like wth

    83. AceWolf FTW

      Just found out went to my school

    84. Patrick Snow

      Who’s here in 2020 on the day after they got out for Christmas break?

    85. Tommy Ilott


    86. Star Prince007

      0:57 scariest face ever

    87. Dawud

      Why does he never say what the correct answer actually is when they get it wrong

    88. Dawud

      The way foodie Ethan sounded hurt and disappointed when Simon didn't know what was in ganache 😂😂

    89. Maxwell Russell

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    91. Björn Koivisto

      This felt like yesterday tbh

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    93. BabyWipe

    94. TKA

      Has ksi grown taller since cos now hes alot taller than harry?

    95. TheSuperPotato Z

      7:15 this aged well..

    96. Tarjuful Tabeeb

      this lightning hurts my eyes ;_;

    97. ProGamer HV

      18:40 plz someone help me.. I didn't get it..

      1. paaul

        All Ik is that brexit means British exiting from the EU

      2. Drose a qt

        Me either

    98. That guy lui

      Who’s here after seeing the second one

    99. That guy lui

      Why does this video look like it’s like 8 years old rather then 2

    100. Kaddu Mills

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