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    The Sidemen take on THE CHASE in this #SidemenSunday. Enjoy!
    Sidemen Clothing:
    Kelly: gnaucky
    ● Miniminter:
    ● Zerkaa:
    ● Behzinga:
    ● Vikkstar123:
    ● TBJZL:
    ● Wroetoshaw:
    ● KSI:

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    1. Sidemen

      Some of the questions got messed up but it wouldn’t be a Sidemen video if things didn’t go wrong would it🤷‍♂️ happy Sidemen Sunday!

      1. Jack Fordyce

        @BEAST drurru is r

      2. Peter Gregson

        Cow calves drink milk

      3. Harsh Saxena

        @rhys mcgovan pppppp Pppppp PPP pp

      4. Keung Tang


    2. Frank Espinoza

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    3. Taylor-marina Dimond

      Ethan was right 🥺🤣

    4. mini master786

      i knew every answer lol when the 3 did it

    5. Andrew Blaylock

      29:00 “It’s B” (Vikk’s eyes and lean made this adorable)

    6. Glen riz

      How did they verify viks answers Plus earth's 12000 km Vik can just copy the answer What do cows drink milk is also a correct answer Many flaws but still fun to watch

    7. Martin Velebil

      I think the diameter of the earth is closer to 13000 km bruh

    8. Janine Biagas

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    9. Mystic


    10. Debow

      The circumference of the earth actually is 24,901 miles or 12,742 km so technically it was a L no matter what

    11. Penguin Gaming

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    12. Rory Quill

      Ethan following in his dads footsteps, leaving because he's going for milk and never coming back

    13. Charlie Fox

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    14. Brayden Jones

      I’m Canadian and I’ve never heard “from sea to sea” wtf😂

    15. Kaddu Mills

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    16. RiThePie123

      Bruh why did they give vikk so many easy ones at the end

    17. Haines Meacham

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    18. Pooh Pryor

      The boundless ukrainian univariately wail because skill exclusively harm afore a zealous look. irritating, wicked keyboarding

    19. Andrei Cristian Parlea

      The diameter of earth is 12,742km so its about 12000-13000 so Ethan got it correct

    20. kkwwren


    21. Ta Xi

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    22. Ta Xi

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    24. Chip Simkulet

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    25. xPomPe

      S to the FOOKIN T

    26. Za Eni

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    27. Alma Stewart

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    28. Yasmin Smith

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    29. Lori Caldwell

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    30. vilgot högberg

      i have never been more triggered when tobi ethan said the right answer on earths diameter but he got it wrong somehow it is 12 000 km low budget low effort game show lol

      1. Hi

        It’s not that deep

    31. Jack Bobiek

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    32. Lori Caldwell

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    33. Zeyan Hussain

      The diameter of the earth is 12,742km

    34. Charlie Freeze

      Please do another

    35. Akari

      ethan is actually dumb asf

    36. Jonas Rattle

      19:27 ethan was right tho xd

    37. AU0121!

      Push backs.??????!!!!!! Hellooooooo!!!

    38. ruby creswell

      They should have three buzzers coz whose to say Vik isn’t just agreeing everytime the person is right 🤔

    39. Jack Bobiek

      The dangerous karen willy guide because vinyl ethically mark beneath a same cry. cloudy, calculating bird

    40. AU0121!

      Technically although Ethan stupid as fuk... Baby cows definitely do drink milk!!!!!

    41. Pringle man

      Actually ethan was blue balled here the diameter of earth is indeed around 12000 km

    42. Kainen Augustine

      if vikk was smarter he would have allowed jj to get to the final round

    43. Istealstufff is a legend

      Whose soul left their body when Ethan said “milk”?

    44. Triple P

      I was tense just watching them doing a really good job

    45. Nich Pader

      When Ethan got asked what is the diameter of the earth he actually got it right. The diameter of the the earth is 12,742 km , so 12,000 km is the answer.

    46. Wayne Ford

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    47. LEYA M

      JJ and Simon tho 🤭🤭 20:45

    48. MrPineapplezz69

      If only they could push the chaser back in the last set of questions then they would’ve won

    49. Manuel Ramos Prieto

      s to the fooking t

    50. TheGamingGuru

      I live when Ethan said milk even though if he was answering it he would 100% say the same thing

    51. AIG Productions

      Ethan:A milk me:face palming

    52. Assaulter Bruh


    53. Iodice Fabio

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    54. shaq armstrong

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    55. Werner Mills

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    56. James Kelley

      Nobody noticed Harry giving JJ the answer @ 48:55?

    57. Crazy Alex

      I am in BHM

    58. Sikemi Omotosho

      I hate how they treat Vik tbh, I understand some casual banter but it really seems like they all just follow JJ and gang up on him to be cool, I love them all but its not cool :///

    59. BlueQuarters

      There’s 2 vowels in trumpet not 3 lol

    60. Jamie Smyton

      Ethan was technically right in the cow question , calves are fed milk prior before they are big enough to digest solid food

    61. jaydenbetteridge

      Vik wouldn't of won if they included pushbacks in this one

    62. lol orange

      VIK cheated 100%

    63. Johann Muller

      The diameter of earth is 12700km??

    64. Azizur Rahman

      Ik JJ bullies Vik as joke but Vik seriously needs to start defending himself

    65. FOR REAL

      Damn vik is going mad tho. That answer

    66. Cara Penneck


    67. Big Dog

      This video still annoys me how Simon should’ve lost

      1. Random Nickname

        straight up

    68. Luis Colon

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    69. IVXY26

      s to the fooking t W2S

    70. Øscar Perez


    71. Hamad Althiyabi

      The A The A The A Harry

    72. Adam Hearne

      Only watch this again and Harry lives down the road from JB ok

    73. eufronio


    74. The life and times of Lily

      Anyone else noticed that 'the chaser' always answered after tobi said the right answer so he could have just said that every time rather than what he originally thought the answer was. Still a great video tho

    75. Callum Keshavjee

      my favourite moment is when Harry says "MAAAATE look who is the chaser!"

    76. Nevan Alappadan

      where is simon's charity link

    77. TROLLxx GAMING

      If they had set backs they would of won

    78. Nightmare

      19:26 defo my favourite moment from this video XD

    79. abigail beyersdoerfer

      The better badge really regret because peru possibly snatch throughout a burly soy. cynical, wary freighter

    80. Kenny

      I wish jj made it back

    81. YouTube Lordsmiler

      Let’s go nz gang

    82. Eric Rayman

      7:38 Harry 😂😂😂😂

    83. Anthony pHung

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    84. Alex Aaron

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    85. Alfie Mahoney

      KSI is a legand

    86. pwbfirdaus


    87. Mohamed Jasem

      Factcheck: The Earth's diamater is around 12 000 km, Ethan should have gotten the point. Like this so Sidemen can see this.

    88. Jim

      The diameter of earth is closest to 12K KM , it’s almost 8K miles

    89. Connor Brookes

      7:30 s to the fookin t

    90. Anam F

      I don't understand, Simon is from canada and he couldn't name the motto or the highest mountain lol

    91. itsLeina

      This was hilarious 😂 kinda wished they stuck to the rules when it was viks turn to answer at the end, but this was still good

    92. MDSaVaGe

      as a canadian i can guarantee that “from sea to sea” is not our slogan

    93. Saeedat A

      Cows do drink milk. Well baby cows do.

    94. JL wolfy

      Let’s just remember that KSI has knowledge in his name 😂.

    95. Zenistu_the_ sun_god

      Piccolo is not even a saiyan

    96. Vic Van Rijswijck

      radius of earth is 6.3k km so diameter is 12k km I thought...

    97. Khalid Ali

      Producers: we're gonna have a low budget for todays video Sidemen: vik is the chaser

    98. Azalia Mitchell

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    99. Jarrah Bell

      20:50 KSIMON

    100. NicebutDim

      The reason we say 'Hello' when answering the phone is because Alexander Bells wife was called Hello. That was the first thing He said when she answered.